About Us

Ranch Hand Rescue fosters, houses, feeds, and medically cares for ranch animals in distressed situations. Using a farm location and by using other established rescue organizations we offer a loving and caring home for our animals. Our operation is greatly supported by volunteers and fund raising activities.

Why we do what we do…

We started Ranch Hand Rescue because we realized there was a growing need to save farm animals from neglect and starvation; we never realized the need was so great.

The current state of the economy has many people in a financial bind and unable to care for their animals, this has resulted in a record number of seizures by law enforcement agencies. Ranch Hand Rescue works with Law Enforcement and the Courts to save farm animals that are about to be seized or have been seized for abuse & neglect. We take the animals no one else will rather than leave them to be euthanized.

While thousands of animal shelters in the US are designed for cats and dogs, only a small handful of such facilities are capable of sheltering farm animals, that’s where we come in.

Currently we continue our outreach to develop our “foster family” network which is critical to expanding our efforts. Since most of these animals are malnourished they need special diets, supplements and periodic visits by a vet to monitor their progress. In many cases it’s simply a well managed feeding program with the proper nutrition, companionship & love that brings these animals back to a state of good health. All the animals we take in are evaluated by a veterinarian, given the appropriate vaccinations and treated for parasites before being transported to their new foster home. We then track & monitor their progress with our vet & their foster family. The absolute worst cases are brought here to Ranch Hand Rescue. In many cases they require around the clock care and surgery. The foster family network gives us the ability to not only save more farm animals; it increases our opportunity to provide the immediate medical care and rehabilitation for those severe cases here at Ranch Hand Rescue.

Our objective is to get these animals healthy and adopt them into loving homes. In special cases we will adopt the animal into our Sanctuary and they will live here at the resort for the remainder of their lives. The animals we keep at our Sanctuary in Argyle all have a specific story. We are often asked, why a Sanctuary and a Rescue? The Ranch Hand Rescue Sanctuary and all animal sanctuaries are an end, finally, to all forms of abuse and exploitation for the animals in their care. For these animals, whose profound losses can never be regained… sanctuaries are the line in the sand that says:

Never again. It is over. You are safe now. And loved.


“These precious animals deserve our help. Please give what you can so we are all able to support Ranch Hand Rescue’s Cause.”
-Doris Roberts


Our Vision

Since our inception in April 2009 we have acquired over 85 farm animals, which necessitated building a new barn, hiring additional staff and leasing additional land to accommodate them. The need is on-going. We get 3-4 calls per week.

With your help we hope to partner with additional rescue organizations and veterinarians to facilitate adoptions of rescued farm animals. Pending adoptions, we will provide support to foster families and other agencies providing interim care for these rescued animals. We hope to expand our foster family network and expand our existing sanctuary location to provide housing for additional animals.We also plan to develop a program for low cost spay/neuter & vaccination clinics with the help of local veterinarians. Recognizing that education is key to healthy animals and controlling population growth we will continue to educate the public through tours, open houses and events at the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is physically located in Argyle, Texas, and serves surrounding communities and all of North Texas. We are dedicated to responsible pet ownership, public educational endeavors, and spay/neuter programs with the goal of promoting no-kill across Texas.

American Pet Spa & Resort is our primary sponsor. Without the help of Marty Polasko our Sanctuary & Rescue would not exist. His financial support combined with his kindness, compassion and unconditional love for all animals have allowed us to develop into the organization we are today. On behalf of all of animals we wish to Thank Marty and APSR.

  1. The links below are to a vet in Virginia, Dr. Andrea Floyd, DVM, that I have been in contact with since the early 1990’s. She has been using prosthesis since before I “met” her. I say “met” as I have been in contact with Dr. Floyd only via e-mail & phone when I worked for a company that made aloe-based horse care products. Some day I hope to meet her in person, she has been an inspiration for me.

    She may have some information that could be of use to your rescue. Please check out her website.

    By the way I am an LVN & I live in Hillsboro, Texas

    Bless you all for the work you do for the animals!

    Toni Hayward




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  3. I want to donate the money to your fund in the name of my graddaughter who asked me to do this as a Christmas gift. How can I get her to know we did this?


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